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Composition? Scale? Color? Materials? Craftsmanship?

What are the secrets to successful design? ALL of the above are crucial to the design process. But perhaps even more important is… fit: Personal Fit!  Does a space reflect the appropriate style, values and attitudes of its owner? Personal Fit is the true measure of design success and one measure that Maddalena Design meets and exceeds with every client. Maddalena Design is a full-service interior design and space-planning firm for commercial and residential properties. While having worked in many design idioms, the signature Maddalena Design style is characterized by a practical elegance: A clean, sophisticated look.

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Shirley Maddalena

Principal Designer

Dedicating the firm to great design and a commitment to client needs has given Maddalena Design a significant portfolio of successful projects. The finest talents of Maddalena Design are innovation in design, extensive product knowledge and the ability to provide design appropriate plan for every demographic.

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Katie Rosinski


Creating a vision and executing design styles with a highly developed technical skill, allows a project to evolve in a fluid and professional manner. These skill sets include marrying historical influences and contemporary concepts to provide timeless design.